Introducing ezOVPN – The easy OpenVPN client

Hello again after such a long time inactivity!

It has been almost a year after my last post about CSGO gamehacking. Recently, I decided to deal more with Linux, Java, open source projects and cross-platform developing. Furthermore, I wanted to contribute something to the open source world and decided to develop a simple, cross-platform OpenVPN GUI client with the JavaFX framework. My personal interest was, to have a basic and easy-to-use client, which can manage configuration files. I run my own OpenVPN server for private network reasons and also use NordVPN for anonymity reasons. My vision is, to create general purpose compliance for basic usage and implement several different VPN provider APIs. I also hope to collaborate with other developers on this project. Well luckily, some of my fellow students were interested to participate 🙂 .

The “Dashboard”

I started this project in summer 2018 and unfortunately it is not finished, yet. But, I decided to release an alpha version in the end of February 2019. At the moment it is basically capable to import and edit OpenVPN config files. Additionally, I implemented the NordVPN API, so that NordVPN config files can be picked and directly downloaded from their servers. Furthermore, there are network statistics and some more view, language and edit settings available.

Some further features:

  • Multilingual – change the language to English or German at run time
  • NordVPN compliance – show the location and the current server load
  • Network statistics – Show the current bandwidth and bytes sent / received in a graph
  • History – Get a view of your recent conenctions
  • Export/Import – Import or export your current configuration (language, configs, history, etc.)

Currently, I’m running mantis for this project for internal purposes. But the GitHub issue board will also be used, for user feedback, as soon as the project will be published. I’m looking forward to continue developing this project, hopefully with other developers, to create a way easier OpenVPN client with many capabilities and enhancements

For more information visit GitHub or the ezOVPN page.

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